Your hot tub can help you adjust after a time change

No matter which way you cut it, time changes are … rough. Granted, “falling back” is a little easier than “springing forward,” but it can still take time (sometimes even weeks) for your body to adjust. And, let’s be honest, the older we get, the harder that “adjusting” seems to get. Whether you’re grabbing an extra hour of sleep or losing one, there is something you can do to help reset your internal clock – and no, we’re not talking about coffee on an IV drip. Useful as that might be in some situations, we’re talking about using your hot tub. (Admit it. That sounds pretty nice, doesn’t it?) Using your hot tub for 15-20 minutes every evening right after a time change (or anytime you’re struggling with sleep issues) can relieve muscle tension and stress, and ease your mind so you can sleep better. But that’s not the only benefit. You see, your body naturally adjusts its temperature lower to prepare for sleep. It’s one of the things that makes you feel drowsy. But after a time change, your clock is a little off kilter. Your body simply doesn’t cool down when you need it to. Soaking in your spa for the aforementioned 15-20 minutes about 30 minutes before your bedtime will raise your body temperature, so that leaving the warm water mimics that natural cool down. Once you leave your spa, dry off and get ready for bed, you’ll be ready to catch the train to dream town. Now, before you use your hot tub to help with sleep, be sure to dim all the lights. Consider lighting some candles, too. Those featuring aromatherapy scents that help with relaxation are a great choice. Play your favorite relaxing music softly, lean your head back, and get ready to count sheep. Baaa, and sweet dreams.

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